Mineral Dipping System ™

Mineral Dipping System ™ is a better method of nail stylisation that uses powders containing mineral ingredients.

In general, dipping systems involve the use of liquid preparations and powders to model the nail plate and give it the desired color. The most common dipping systems are based on ordinary acrylic powders. 

Mineral Dipping System ™ is better!

Mineral ingredients in the LART powders composition distinguish Mineral Dipping System™ from other dipping systems. LART powders contain acrylic polymers and ingredients of mineral origin including titanium dioxide.
The highest quality ingredients of the LART powders are appreciated by nail stylists because it facilitates their work, ensures the safety of women and guarantees the durability and aesthetics of nail stylisations.

LART Mineral Dipping System
LART Mineral Dipping System

Mineral Dipping System ™ is different from "acrylics".

LART Mineral Dipping System™ nail styling method is based on high quality powders containing titanium dioxide.

In skin care and makeup products, titanium dioxide is used both as a pigment and as a thickener for creams. As a sunscreen, ultra-fine TiO2 is used because of its transparency and UV absorbing abilities.
Titanium dioxide is a white inorganic compound, which has been used for around 100 years in a vast number of diverse products. LART applied it to its Mineral Dipping System ™ to take advantage of its non-toxic, non-reactive and luminous properties.

Here you can find detailed information about titanium dioxide and its use in the cosmetics industry.

LART is the European leader of the Mineral Dipping System ™ method.

LART offers two Mineral Dipping System™ product lines dedicated for use by professional nails stylists:

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