The LART story

The story of LART goes back to 2006, when the company was founded. From the very beginning, the company has been associated with the professional nail industry.

  • 2010 - we have launched a network of nail salons.
  • 2013 - we were the first to introduce a nail dipping system with titanium dioxide in the make up of powders on a large scale in Europe. We called this method "titanium manicure" and that term has become popular in many countries.
  • We have launched a distribution network in several countries and 6 own training centers specialised in the dipping system method.
  • 2017 - we have created our own brand, LART. Since then, we have a full control over the make up of products and the colour palette, and we can quickly and effectively respond to suggestions and comments of nail professionals.
  • 2018 - the LART Pro product line launched and became an instant market success. More than 80% of nail professionals that tried LART replaced their previous dipping system with the Mineral Dipping System™ during the first 12 months.
  • 2019 - as a result of research and development, the LART Supreme product line was launched on the market - innovative and the world's first one-step Mineral Dipping System™.
LART story

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