Welcome to LART brand

LART brand is created by a family company specialised in developing nail styling products for professionals.

We constantly work with our business partners 

to improve our offer
and to provide safe and competitive solutions
that make nail stylists business easier, more safe and profitable.

I invite you to develop the LART brand together with us.
I believe that together we can better respond to the needs 
of nail stylists and women.

Mrs. Violetta Mrowiec, Company Founder

The LART brand supports nail stylists.

We offer a complete product portfolio in which we use innovative technologies and safe formulas, ensuring high durability of styling, safety and customer satisfaction.
We provide access to trainings that help stylists use all the possibilities of products and achieve masterful effects.

The LART - the leader of the Mineral Dipping System™ category

Thanks to many years of experience in the nail stylisation’s industry LART created the brand that successfully responds to the needs of nail stylists and has achieved a leading position in the nail Dipping System category. 

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