LART Supreme - innovative Mineral Dipping System™

LART Supreme is an innovative Mineral Dipping System™ product line dedicated for fast nails stylisations done by nail stylists.

It is the first in the world product of that type.

It is recommended for those who start to learn the dipping system method or for those who look for innovative products.

For those who prefer traditional dipping system application procedure LART Pro is recommended.

The fastest Mineral Dipping System™ in the world.


Shorter learning time.

Easier application procedure.

Only one liquid preparation instead of the base, activator and top.

One universal building powder.

Shorter drying time.

Excellent consistency of preparations.


Stylisation on natural nails takes just 30 minutes.

More satisfied customers during the day.

Cost of preparations per one stylisation/procedure is similar like with LART Pro.

Efficient products. 

Easy nails extension to the desired length.

Two volumes of color powders: 14g (0.5oz) and 28g (1oz) – with smaller products quantity you can try out more colors.

One color powder (28g) is sufficient for 50 stylisations (50 clients)!

During the application no UV/LED lamp is required.

Customer satisfaction

Healthy looking nails.

Long-lasting durability of nails stylisations.

No chipping, no scratches.

Protection against color fading and yellowing, as well as Sun rays. 

Quick stylisation procedure.

Higher gloss and flawless shine, lasting up to several weeks.

LART Supreme products

LART Supreme gel
LART Supreme gel
LART Supreme Shine Formula
LART Supreme Shine Formula
LART Supreme building powder
LART Supreme building powder
LART Supreme color powder
LART Supreme color powder
LART Supreme dispenser
LART Supreme dispenser

What is it?

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How to use it?

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Where to buy it?

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